Conservation at the Gardens

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Not only beautiful and serene, the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens provide a living gene bank for the native flora of the Acadian Forest Region. Acadia University researchers are using the Gardens to promote the conservation and recovery of endangered plant species.

The plantings at the Gardens are all native species of our region. This green space attracts butterflies and birds to the area and provides habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species. 

To learn about growing native plants in your own garden, Click here

Nova Scotia Plants

Download the new Nova Scotia Plants book.

Authors Marian C. Munro, Ruth E. Newell and Nicholas M. Hill provide a comprehensive catalogue of Nova Scotia’s flora.

Illustrated with GIS-generated distribution maps and full-colour photographs, these colleagues and friends offer a series of identification keys, a glossary, discussion of plant communities and a background to botanical study in the province. In addition, each species growing without the aid of cultivation, is documented with a description, flowering time, expected habitat and distribution within the province.  Where known, the worldwide range is given and place of origin, if an introduced species.