Acadia students grow plants for mental health

by Priesnitz, Melanie

Looking for plants and pots

The Acadia Mental Health Initiative (AMHI) recently held a very successful plant workshop to help students de-stress before the end of term exams and assignments. Over fifty students came out to transplant small houseplants into antique teacups to take home and nurture.

Jenna Purkis, the AMHI coordinator, was disappointed that they didn’t have enough supplies to accommodate all of the students who wanted to adopt a plant friend, so we're hosting an additional event as part of Acadia's Mental Health week in February. 

If you have young aloe vera plants, or unique pots such as small fish bowls, teapots or cups that you’d like to donate to the cause we'll take them off your hands. Please keep in mind that students will be keeping the plants in windows of their dorm rooms or apartments so they must be small. The event is February 8 from 7-9 in the potting shed at the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre.  

To arrange for drop off or pick up please contact: Melanie Priesnitz, Conservation Horticulturist at (902) 585-1916 


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