Botanical EcoPrinting Workshop

by Priesnitz, Melanie

Learn techniques for transferring natural plant pigments directly onto fabrics.

In this workshop, students will develop strong foundational skills in ecoprinting while working with silk, a protein fibre, as it is the easiest material with which to learn and build confidence. There will also be a limited introduction to methods for working with wool, as well as with more difficult cellulose fibres (i.e. cotton, linen, etc.).

While the importance of, and methods for, mordanting will be taught, in the interests of time, pre-mordanted fibres (using natural, non-toxic materials) will be provided.

Students Will Take Home:
-printed samples for use in other crafts and/or as a reference library of techniques
-a printed silk scarf created by the student based on learnings from their sample experiments
-dye records showing the key variables in achieving successful results
-skills to further explore the magic of ecoprinting
-appreciation for the critical importance of preserving and regenerating native ecosystems and the important public awareness and education role performed by the botanical gardens

October 28th 10am - 3:30pm

$100 includes a full day of instruction and all materials

For more information and to register visit:
Mamie's Schoolhouse - Sustainable Fibre Arts

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