Recycled planters

by Priesnitz, Melanie

At this year’s annual Friends of the Acadian Forest Native Plant Sale, we have decided to take a stab at reducing plastic waste. Our volunteers have been busy all winter planning for the plant sale and squirrelling away over 3000 coffee bags. Thanks to the help, inspiration and generosity of the folks at T.A.N. Coffee we will now be selling our plants in upcycled coffee bags. Using repurposed plant pots will not only reduce costs for our non-profit group, it will also keep thousands of pots out of landfill and recycling programs.

The unbleached paper bags that we’ll soon be potting up with native plants have a Polylactic acid (PLA) lining that keeps coffee fresh and also serves to make the bags sturdy enough to hold wet soil. PLA is made from fermented plant starches (usually corn or sugar) and is said to be 100% biodegradable. 

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