Students helping students

by Priesnitz, Melanie

Chill Week - Therapeutic horticulture

NSCC Kingstec students with their plant babies

The Acadia Mental Health Initiative (AMHI) holds a week of fun and relaxing activities just when students are starting to feel the end of term crunch. For the past several years, the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens has partnered with the AMHI to hold an event in the potting shed that allows students to adopt a houseplant to care for. The students spend time one evening during Chill Week potting up their new green friends into cheerful up-cycled containers such as antique teacups.

This year the group was thrilled to have plants donated from NSCC Kingstec. Horticulture students from James Ellison's second year Plant Propagation class started young houseplants to donate to the project. Many Acadia students don't often have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and play in the soil. This is a great event that brings students together and reminds them to make their own mental health a priority during stressful times. A little plant therapy goes a long way!

Acadia Mental Health Initiative seeks to promote mental wellness on campus through a combination of peer support and advocacy. AMHI offers support to individual students struggling with their mental health, and promotes equity and inclusion on campus as a whole through programming and advocacy.


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