• Trapping weevils
    Acadia Masters of Science student Joel Goodwin is working to understand the habits and preferences of the beech leaf-mining weevil (Orchestes fagi) in American Beech Trees (Fagus grandifolia)

  • Playing in the garden

    Each week we delight in hearing the games and laughter from the kids of the Wolfville Children's Centre as they play on our lawns.

  • HIBG-1

    Our emblem featuring Scotch thistle, mayflower and a honeybee

    The mayflower was Harriet Lila Irving's favourite wildflower. The honeybee symbolizes hard work and pollination. The Scotch thistle represents Scotland, the Irving family's ancestral home

Latest News

Botanical Art Workshops

In celebration of the Nova Scotia Native Flora in Art show we are pleased to be offering Botanical Art Workshops this summer with Twila Robar-Decoste. 

Workshops take place in the greenhouse and garden in June, July and August.

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Atlantic Perennials

Boulder Publications is launching Todd Boland's latest book - Favourite Perennials for Atlantic Canada! Join us for a free talk and book signing.

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