• Some of our visitors have wings!

    Canadian Tiger Swallowtail butterflies are common throughout Nova Scotia. They take flight from late May to early June and like to live on the edges of deciduous and mixed woodlands and in gardens.

  • School's out! Time to get outside. 

    Join us for monthly Firefly Sessions around the bonfire. Sessions take place on Thursdays twice a month. Come out for a lunchtime wellness session or an evening of music and marshmallows.

  • HIBG-1

    Our emblem featuring Scotch thistle, mayflower and a honeybee

    The mayflower was Harriet Lila Irving's favourite wildflower. The honeybee symbolizes hard work and pollination. The Scotch thistle represents Scotland, the Irving family's ancestral home

Latest News

Look for us on Saturday April 13 at the Wolfville Famer's Market. Make a donation to our seed bank and receive a Verbena hastata, blue vervain seed package or plant.