• Wolfville Orchid Display

    Step into the tropics for one day only, Saturday February 23rd 10:30am - 4pm. In the Conservatory at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens.

  • Red oak (Quercus rubra)

    Red oaks are impressive trees in the Acadian Forest. They can grow to 70' tall and are often very straight and majestic. Oaks are one of the last of the deciduous trees to drop their leaves.

  • Conservatory in Winter

    The main garden gates remain closed when the pathways are covered in snow and ice. You can still enjoy the beauty of the Acadian Forest in winter by accessing the Botanical Gardens through the Conservatory.

  • HIBG-1

    Our emblem featuring Scotch thistle, mayflower and a honeybee

    The mayflower was Harriet Lila Irving's favourite wildflower. The honeybee symbolizes hard work and pollination. The Scotch thistle represents Scotland, the Irving family's ancestral home

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